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Act 3 of 1895, as amended. Printed: August, 1971

(Excerpt from the original Village Charter book)
    Officials of villages sometimes are perplexed to find that the village records do not contain a charter specially identified as the charter of their particular village.  Of the 273 villages in Michigan only 49 are home rule villages having individually drafted charters applicable solely to them.  All of the other 224 villages in Michigan have as their charter Act 3 of 1895 of the State of Michigan, and such villages are usually known as "general law" villages.  Most general law villages were incorporated before 895, many by special act of Legislature.  These earlier special acts were voided, however, when Act 3 of 1895 was adopted.  (See Chapter XIV, Section 7.)
    Act 3 of 1895 is thereforethe charter of each village organized under it.  Although this Act can be amended by the Legislature, and frequently has been, it can also be amended and changed by any village so far as it affects that particular village.  This amendatory power is granted by and carried out un the Home Rule Village Act (Act 278 of 1909).  A general law village may not change its form of government by charter amendment, however, but only through reincorporation as a home rule municipality.
    The Michigan Municipal League can supply suggested forms to be used when village charters are being amended.  Also, suggestions are available for those villages contemplating incorporation as home rule villages and cities.
    More than ten years have passed since the Michigan Municipal League first publiched this document.  This printing incorporates all changes through the 1970 Legislative Session.  Any general law village which has heretofore adopted or hereafter adopts a charter amendment should make the necessary insertions in its copy of the Act showing the change, and it is requested that copies of such amendments be forwarded to League headquarters.  This publication can thus be kept up to date in its entirety as it applices to each village maintaining a copy.  From year to year it is expected that changes in the Act adopted by the State Legislature will be printed and distributed for insertion by the League, thereby preserving the timeliness and authenticity of the publication in the aspect.

3rd Printing
August, 1971

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 - 3 
Officers, Vacancies in Office, Elections

Chapter 4 
Duties of Officers

Chapter 5 - 6
Village Council, Ordinances

Chapter 7, Section 1-28 
Chapter 7, Section 29-64
Powers of Council

Chapter 8
Improvements and Assets

Chapter 9 
Finance and Taxation

Chapter 10 - 12
Fires and Fire Departments, Water Works, Lighting

Chapter 13, Section 1-16 
Chapter 13, Section 17-36 
Appropriation of Private Property

Chapters 14 - 15 
Miscellaneous, Issuance of Bonds